bringing the bigger picture into the business world

What if business was about more than  making money?

Whether you are at the start of your business venture or well into it, there comes a point in time where we have to ask ourselves “Why am I doing this?” and “Am I doing the right thing?”.  We can do this with our minds and get into a spin, over analysing the pros and cons and all the different options. Or we can tune into the bigger pciture, through accessing Akashic records and be shown the potential and direction where our business will thrive. The second option is way easier. And this is what I do.

what if you were meant to make a difference?

When you run a business, no matter what stage you are at, it is easy to get swayed into details, processes, formulas. But by doing this, we lose sight of the bigger picture. Yes, there is a bigger picture for you and your business. And that is what is making you get up every morning and keep going no matter what.

There may also be a book that you need to write. And I can help with that too. But mostly, I am here to guide you, with the help of the invisible business world to get you to where you are supposed to be.

My name is
ange de lumiere

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs
make a difference

I am work with entrepreneurs whose businesses are here to change the world. It is time to change the way we do business. The way we treat employees. Or maybe it’s the business itself that is different. Whatever your business, what makes you special is that you have a bigger purpose. And you have had that feeling all along. You are a leader. And I am here to bring spirituality into your business and your life, in a grounded and practical way.

News: brand new offer  soul slimming circle 

If your body image is affecting your visiblity in your business, why not join my free soul slimming circle on the 14th of January 2019 at 10 am UK time to experience what it feels like to join a like minded group of women who do not offer platitude or unhelpful advice. Women who see you as the magnificent and powerful being that you are who has all the wisdom in you. We will also explore the five top reasons why women hold onto weight and go on a guided meditation to find out why your body is doing this to you.

This is to give you a taste of what my powerful four week soul slimming circle (starting on the 21st of January) is going to be like. To sign up for the single  free soul slimming circle session, click here.

To find out more about my four week soul slimming circle, click here. The first four ladies to sign up will receive a bonus half hour one on one session with me. All participants will receive my book the Journey of the Slim Soul in print as a bonus. The investment is £20).  

Ways to work with me

1:1 sessions with me

I connect you to the wisdom of your business by reading your business akashic records.

If you are not familiar with the concept of the records, I invite you to watch this video on You Tube.

Please come back after you do, and book a one off session by clicking on my online booking service here. The investment is £167 for one hour.


Clients usually find it incredibly helpful to get guidance from their business but it is often BIG and scary. And can often feel overwhelming.

As a mindset coach with decades of experience, I can help you put the guidance into practice by working through your fears but also breaking down the big vision into small actionable steps. If you would like to discuss my VIP packages, click here to book a fifteen minute free call.

My thinkific platform

I have a series of courses on Thinkific that revolve around book writing as this is one area of my work as a business coach. To access my Thinkific Platform, click here.

At the moment, the following self study courses are available: Get started with your book, Create time to write, Prosperity for authors and Meditation box set for authors. You can also download a free meditation to connect to the energy of your book.

what happy clients say

My session with Ange was incredibly useful and insightful. With no background knowledge of me, I was taken aback about how accurately she could describe the essence of my life’s work. (It’s nowhere to be found on the internet). Ange helped me address some key barriers. What is most exciting is the shifts that have occurred in the week since my session. A lot of clarity has emerged, new concepts and ideas that I have been waiting for, heaps of energy for completing a book I have been working on and the confidence to increase my fees by 50%, after specifically working on  this. Michelle B. | Australia

I had a reading with Ange de Lumiere last month). Very quickly Ange came up to the crux of my problem relating to my work. Fear held me back to fully develop and embrace my clients (literally!) because of imagined legal difficulties. Ange made contact with the Lords of the Akashic Records and a sound, practical and easy solution for my fear-problem was found. Also working with my guides and trusting that the right clients who need this kind of healing will come to my door. Then we did a healing session, to remove the cords to the fear. It felt all so good and solid, to the point and easy to do. I still feel the energy of our session together and with great confidence I follow my path! Karin Schluter Lonegren | The Netherlands

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