bringing the bigger picture into the business world

What if business was about more than  making money?

Your business is doing well but for some reason you are not feeling satisfied by it. You feel guilty about this because so many people would love to have what you have and you fear sounding ungrateful. 

It’s a bit like people who get a career, get married, have two kids and then wonder in their thirties why they don’t feel happy with what would make other people happy.  From the outside, everything looks so perfect. What are they whinging about?

You can’t put your finger on it but there is a piece of the puzzle missing.  You have tried several different things to solve the issue but you can’t seem to find a solution. 

As an intuitive business strategist, I can tune in to your energy and the energy of your business and find out what exactly is happening and how to fix it. Sometimes it’s a tweak in your niche, other times it is the way you go about doing business. Everyone is unique and sadly, there are far too many people who sell a cookie cutter version of what they do to their clients. A lot of my clients have worked with coaches like these. 

what if you were meant to make a difference?

You are a change maker. Either you are here to shake your industry, or to achieve big things, but right now, you either lack the confidence in yourself, the faith in your vision or a plan to get you there. I can help with all three aspects. 

As a corporate lawyer specialised in Mergers & Acquisitions, I have dealt with incredibly complex projects in the most detailed aspects. You could say I am grounded. I combine this analytical business approach with an intuition honed to the highest level through over fifteen years of psychic development. Because my intuition does not express itself through images or words, but instead just a “knowing” I can actually relate to people who don’t consider themselves intuitive or psychic. 

My modality is business akashic records which probably mean nothing to you. What you need to know however, is that this modality, which I teach to my VIP enables you to ramp up your intuition without having to meditate two hours per day. In fact, I even did a podcast episode on the 5 minute meditator, if you would like to listen. 

My name is
ange de lumiere

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs
make a difference

I am work with entrepreneurs whose businesses are here to change the world. It is time to change the way we do business. The way we treat employees. Or maybe it’s the business itself that is different. Whatever your business, what makes you special is that you have a bigger purpose. And you have had that feeling all along. You are a leader. And I am here to bring spirituality into your business and your life, in a grounded and practical way.

Ways to work with me


You have been exploring the law of attraction and maybe played with tarot cards in secret and you are intrigued by the power of intuition. 

Right now you are frustrated with your business because it does not light you up. Something is missing and you want to know what. Along the way, you would like to feel more confident about your own decisions and to trust the big vision of what your life’s purpose is. 

Maybe you are clear on that big vision but it scares the hell out of you because it is HUGE. Who are you to think this way? 

You also like being treated like royalty. I don’t blame you. 

How would it feel to have laser clarity about your business direction? To have faith in yourself? To trust your vision and have a tailored actionable plan that makes you confident that your big vision is going to happen? 

If you are interested in my unique approach to business and know that a single session is not sufficient to create lasting chance,  book a chat to discuss my VIP packages. They start at  £1398. 


You like the idea your business having an energy separate from you and its own destiny. You also like the idea of aligning with your business and collaborating with it. It is a partnership. You are not in it alone. 

You can see that this is where businesses can go wrong when they grow big and disconnect with the initial vision of their founder. 

Psychics scare you. You are afraid that they are going to say someting negative or tell you that you are wasting your time. Let me reassure you. I have set my intent to only give guidance that is inspiring, uplifting and useful. My clients always leave feeling empowered and energised. 

You might also wonder what can be done in only 15 minutes. And for this reason, I have asked a couple of my clients for permission to share their session with you. 

Click here to find watch all three videos and read the outcome that each of these female entrepreneurs took away after ONLY 15 minutes. 

To book your 15 minute session for £50, click here. At the end of the session, we will discuss how we can continue to work together. 


I have weekly podcast that helps you stay high vibe in the roller coaster that entrepreneurship can be, whatever stage of business you are at. It covers topics such as mindset, emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence and more. 

The most popular episodes to date are the following:

  • Signs from the Universe
  • Energy vampires
  • How to be high vibe no matter what
  • Business akashic records
  • Journaling for success
  • Business spirit guides where I come out of the closet about having Steve Jobs as my main business guide
  • Shades of intuition which explains how intuition manifest for different people

You can find all of the episodes of #HighVibeMonday in itunes and stitcher as well as the list of all episodes here and shownotes here.

If you think you might have something meaningful to add to the conversation, you can write me through the contact page and consider you as a guest. However, do listen to at least three to four episodes before you pitch to make sure you are a good match to my audience. 

what happy clients say

My session with Ange was incredibly useful and insightful. With no background knowledge of me, I was taken aback about how accurately she could describe the essence of my life’s work. (It’s nowhere to be found on the internet). Ange helped me address some key barriers. What is most exciting is the shifts that have occurred in the week since my session. A lot of clarity has emerged, new concepts and ideas that I have been waiting for, heaps of energy for completing a book I have been working on and the confidence to increase my fees by 50%, after specifically working on  this. Michelle B. | Australia

I had a reading with Ange de Lumiere last month). Very quickly Ange came up to the crux of my problem relating to my work. Fear held me back to fully develop and embrace my clients (literally!) because of imagined legal difficulties. Ange made contact with the Lords of the Akashic Records and a sound, practical and easy solution for my fear-problem was found. Also working with my guides and trusting that the right clients who need this kind of healing will come to my door. Then we did a healing session, to remove the cords to the fear. It felt all so good and solid, to the point and easy to do. I still feel the energy of our session together and with great confidence I follow my path! Karin Schluter Lonegren | The Netherlands

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