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#HighVibeMonday went live just before Christmas.

Why create #HighVibeMonday? I looked back on my career as a high profile business lawyer and realised that what kept me going during my fifteen year career was to listen to spiritual tapes in my car on my way to work. It made the commute so much more agreeable and I was thirsty for inspiration. I still look fondly to those days.

As an Intuitive Business Strategist and Spiritual Lawyer, I consider my job to inspired people to be better versions of themselves and to follow their dreams. I never dreamt of being a lawyer. I want to be an astronomer. I loved gazing at the stars. Now I know that what my soul really yearned for was to connect to the Universe, and this is exactly what I do now. I work with incredibly powerful business guides and healing guides and together we are set on changing the way people work and do business. We are here to bring spirituality into the business world.

It starts with #HighVibeMonday. Even though being a lawyer was not my dream job, I was always happy on Monday mornings. It looks like I was an exception rather than the norm. I dream of a world where everyone would feel happy in what they do. And whilst they take steps towards their dreams, I want them to be happy were they are right now. This is entirely possible because happiness is actually down to you. It does not depend on your external circumstances. Happiness is a choice. And if you would like to learn how, then go listen to my podcast.

The first six episodes are live.

Episode one: Journalling for success

Episode two: Signs from the Universe

Episode three: What if businesses had souls?

Episode four: Slimming as a path to awakening

Episode five: Interview with Suzanne Culberg from Health without shame

To listen to the podcast on iTunes, click here. To listen to the podcast on Stitcher, click here. I am working on having it listed on Spotify.

I have received wonderful reviews but the message that touched me the most was a man who reached out to say that thanks to my episode about signs, he had received a message of comfort from his grand mother, through a song on the radio, as he was taking his father into hospital. Now that warmed my heart. If you listen to the podcast and enjoy it, do me a favour, write a review.

In the weeks to come, I will be adding the show notes for each episodes as blog posts here. You will be able to find a detailed summary for each episode as well as useful links. I hope you enjoy it. If you have, also share with friends on social media.

And Happy New year 2019!

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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