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For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Akashic Records, they are the records kept by God about each soul through time and space, which includes past, present and future. In a nutshell, it covers everything you have ever done, are doing and will do. Only you or someone who has your permission can access your records. People who pursue spiritual interests are usually familiar with the concept but why would they be of any use to someone in business or someone writing a book?

It is not only persons who have akashic records. Places, countries, companies and books have akashic records. Anything that has an energy attached to it has an akashic records. In a way, this can explain why, a book can have a “life” that is independent from its author. Consider Elizabeth Gilbert and the example she gives in Big Magic where she had a book idea that she neglected and then shelved which was picked up, she believed, by an author she admired when she met in person. If the book has a destiny of its own, an energy of its own, then it makes complete sense that if an author is not answering the call, then it will find someone else to be born. Another mother so to speak.

Let’s be more practical. How can it help you as a business owner and an aspiring author? Your business has a record separate from you so for a start, you two need to be connected for your business to really thrive. Sometimes a disconnection happens over time. Or maybe your business wants to take a different direction. As a “creature” that is alive, it will want to evolve but maybe you are not sure in which way to go. With an Akashic record reading, you will get that clarity on where you business wants to go next and what your role in it is going to be. This is a very exciting part of my work which sadly is often misunderstood and I want more people to become aware of how spiritual tools can benefit businesses so that they fulfil their bigger purposes.

As far as authors are concerned. The same applies. My ideal client is a woman in business. By booking an Akashic record reading with me, we will be able to see how the book integrates into her business strategy but also much more. The entire information about her book is contained in the records so we can literally “download” the entire book: title, structure, format, marketing strategy and more, by tapping into the information in the book’s records. This makes the process of writing a book so much easier and nearly effortless. I love it. Clients have had surprises during Akashic records readings. Some have come out with an entirely different book than the one they thought they should be writing. Others had beautiful confirmation and a peek into the bigger picture that helped them find the motivation to get started.

Now that you know a little more about Business and Book Akashic Records Readings, is that something you would be interested in booking? If so, hop over to my acuity booking page here and let’s make a time. Make sure that you specify in the notes that it is an Akashic Records Reading you desire.

To your writing,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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