The reason why I use waves as a backdrop to my website is not that I am a surfing fan. In fact, I can think of nothing more terrifying. The reason why I use waves as my theme is that I believe that writing can be easy and can literally come out of you like a wave, naturally and effortlessly. As easily as the ocean creates waves. It is not just a belief. I have experienced it first hand myself after training as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2007. There is literally a before and after in my experience of writing.

The “before” looked like what most authors experience. Agonising over every word. My inner critic chirping in constantly to remind what a bad idea it was to start writing a book. If it failed with this tactic, it would then remind me of the laundry that needed hanging or the kitchen cleaning and as I work from home, these were very real and dangerous distractions – more lethal than the proverbial coffee machine at work. Writing a book could take me months. Back then, I did not know about the mind especially the two different parts of it: the creative mind and the analytical mind. Regardless of what you call these, writing your first draft from the wrong “mind” or energy, can lead to an experience that resembles walking through trickle, as opposed to surfing a wave.

The “after” experience led me to write and self publish a paperback in six weeks. Once I tuned in to the book I was supposed to write (there is another story in here too), the words literally flowed. My first draft was written in a couple of weeks. The hardest part were the edits and they only took a couple of weeks too. This is the power of writing your book with the help of meditation. This is the reason why I created my meditations for writers and authors box set. No matter what body of work you are creating, my meditations can help. There are five meditations specifically written for writers and authors.

Why have I created these meditations? Because I could find nothing like them on the market and I wish someone had created a similar box set to mine when I started off as an author in 1995. I guess it is an act of kindness. My passion is to help authors write their books with ease and flow. Maybe it is not a coincidence that I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. That is what hypnotherapists do: make hard things easy, like quit smoking, lose weight or stop picking your nose.

You don’t need to buy my meditations for authors box set to reap the benefits of meditation as an author. My advice is start small. Five minutes per day. Set a timer. Sit in silence. Observe your thoughts. See, I used to be a spiritual teacher too. And I used to teach meditation. The benefits of meditation for writers though are incredible. The most astounding one is that it will help you train your inner critic and enable YOU to get into the driver’s seat instead of your inner critic running the show. This can be achieved by training your mind and realising that you are not your thoughts. You are not your beliefs. This is what will make a sustainable change in your career as an author, whether you use my meditation box set or not.

To purchase my meditation box set at the promotional price of £44 instead of £55, buy here before the 28th of August 2018. If you miss the promotion, it will still be an amazing investment in your writing career.

Happy writing,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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