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I read this in an article on Forbes by Bert Dohmen. This is something I had intuited for a long time, even back in my lawyer’s days. I knew that the people who do best in business are those who use their gut, but to have it written in an article on Forbes by a stock broker with years of experience of the stock market made me jump with joy.

What I found fascinating about this article and which again, confirmed something I had intuited years ago is that the most powerful combination for business is market intelligence with a strong gut feeling. Combine years of experience as a lawyer with an enhanced sense of intuition and you get a genius because the intuition will enable you to shift through data at light speed and make an instant decision on the right course of action without actually having to analyse the data with your analytical mind.

I believe this is how Einstein got his genius from. And he did not much to hide it: he always posits intuition as superior to intelligence. But what if he was wrong? What if intuition was the highest form of intelligence? This not only excites me but makes my decision to get back into mainstream business to help business owners function from a higher perspective even more on course. I knew all along that businesses needed the ten years of experience I have gathered in psychic arts to help them flight higher. Now I see that I have allies within mainstream business.

What makes me different as a teacher of all things intuitive is that I have fifteen years of solid experience in business law: joint ventures, shareholders agreements, memorandum of association, confidentiality agreements, contracts and more. So my intuitive guidance through the akashic records can access the highest form of business intelligence. But that is not all. I teach my VIPs how to access this wisdom directly.

Next Monday (15th of October 2018 at 9 am UK time) I will give you a flavour of what it feels like to work with me in learning to connect to the wisdom of your business. If you are interested, sign up here. A day before the webinar, you will receive a zoom link to join. People who join the webinar LIVE, will not only participate in a group meditation to connect to the wisdom of their business, they will receive the recording of the meditation as an MP4 to download so that they can use it on a daily basis if they wish to do so.

If you would like to work with me, you can book yourself into my acuity online schedule directly by clicking here. The investment is £167 for one hour, but the people who get the best results are my VIPs, as I help them implement the strategy that we “download” from their business in the akashic records.

To your success,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

Spiritual Lawyer and Intuitive Business Strategist

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