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Every week, I do a Facebook live on my Facebook page (I can help you thrive) at 7 am UK time on a topic that relates to doing business a little differently. I call these episodes #HighVibeMonday. In time, I will create podcast with those episodes but for now, you can either find them on the pinned post of my Facebook page or on my You Tube Channel. If you venture down these two extensions of my business why not like them and subscribe to them.

I created #HighVibeMondays because I think that there is nothing worse than having the Monday Blues and I believe that a lot of my potential clients do. It is entirely necessary. No matter what you are experiencing right now, whether you are dreaming of creating your own business, or have lost your business mojo because your business has grown so much you don’t recognise it, or maybe it is your private life that is affecting you: there is a way you can raise your vibe. I promise.

Today on #HighVibeMonday, I talked about whether businesses have souls. Not your usual kind of conversation. Here is the video of the replay.

Happy watching.

If you would like me to connect to the soul of your business, why not book a session with me. The investment is £167 for one hour (at the time of this blog). Click here to book.

To your success,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2018

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