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Women are becoming more vocal but I believe there is still a need for more women’s voices to be heard. Here is where my business comes in and why I am thrilled to have been short listed for the MPower National Business award 2019 in the voice category.

First of all, it has taken me a long time to find my voice. For many years, I tried to please everyone including my parents, which led me to a career that made them proud, marrying and having children and then wondering in my mid thirties what was in it for me. Typical mid life crisis. I had forfeited my dreams of being an artist. I was an international business lawyer with a prestigious career but something essential was missing. I had left my beautiful creativity behind and focused on a career that fed my family and made my parents proud. When I lost my job in 2005 whilst pregnant with my third child, after moving to another country, I had to reinvent myself. I embraced my artistic side and dived into exhibitions and art trails for ten years. I also explored things I had never given myself permission to, such as healing, tarot and mediumship. My right brain had a field day. Actually, it had the hell of a time for the next ten years. Then, I reached a place where I felt disconnected. My left brain was feeling abandoned and neglected. I had to integrate all of those experiences and become whole again.

That’s when my business was truly born. I decided to become an intuitive strategist and transformational book coach for entrepreneurs. By then I had published two books, a non fiction book called the Journey of the Slim Soul and a memoir called My Father Who Art in Heaven. My non fiction book was published in 2009 when I was practising as a clinical hypnotherapist and a string of clients came to me with weight issues. My memoir came much later, in 2016, and initially did not feel linked to my business. It now does because it enabled me to find my voice.

I feel I have two purposes in business.

The first one is to help women and men (but mostly women at this stage) to integrate logic with magic. By this I mean, to help them hone their intuition and act on it so that they can marry it with intelligence and become the best version of themselves that they can be. This stems from my own journey of having to deny one side for the other as if the two could not cohabit. This has been a conundrum for me for years. I was so afraid that if I came out as a psychic, then people would not take me seriously. And as a business lawyer, you can imagine how much damage that would have caused. But equally, once I became this healer-psychic new age groupie (not entirely but you get my point), I felt ashamed of the time I was thriving professionally. I hid my lawyer’s background. Not anymore. I now call myself a spiritual lawyer and I own it.

The second one is to help entrepreneurs write a transformational book to help grow their business. I am particularly keen on helping those who don’t believe they can write a book. Those who didn’t have the book fairy come over their cot when they were born and bless them. I was one of those. If you told me twenty years ago that I would become an author, I would have laughed at you. I was so bad at French in school that my parents had to hire a tutor. Essays were the worst form of torture for me. Writing a book wasn’t for me. And yet, I did. I wrote my first book in 1999. It was a largely autobiographic novel in French about the journey of supporting a friend through drug addiction. Then I went into writer’s block for ten years. I unblocked myself accidentally by training as a clinical hypnotherapist when I lost my job as a lawyer. Et voila.

Bringing those two aspects into business is such a passion of mine that I have created a podcast called #HighVibeMonday which I launched just before Christmas in 2018. Again, this sounded like a complete crazy adventure as I had no idea how to do a podcast and only work one day per week in my business due to my home educating responsibilities towards my younger two children. We are now on episode 27, as I write this blog. How amazing it that? I love interviewing women who are changing the world in small and big ways. And this is why I decided to interview Nicola Huelin in April this year. The rest is history.

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Have a wonderful week,

(c) Ange de Lumiere 2019

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