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This podcast is an invitation to you to own your attractiveness beyond physicality and beauty. It will empower you with the tools to help you get over yourself and be successful in your business by being visible without cringing. 

I come from a family where being vain was frowned upon and insecurity ran in my family. My mother and her mother were very insecure. Their insecurities was reinforced by the magazine culture, the media and the fashion industry. Body hate is induced behaviour and was proven when TV from the Western World was introduced to young girls for the first time. Within months the cases of anorexia, bulimia and body hate rose by approximately 20%. 

Body hate is a habit that we can only move past by accepting ourselves for who we are beyond our physical traits. I think that this surfaced around the 60s when women wanted to liberate themselves. The way patriarchy dealt with their fears was to keep women in their place by making them obsessed about their physical appearance. Sadly, this phenomenon has crept up on men too. Men also feel pressured to be strong, have muscles and have a specific body shape to be accepted. It is the need for acceptance and desire to belong that drives our behaviour.

Body image has an impact in the world of entrepreneurship and employment. Someone even saw fit to write a book about “how to exploit your beauty in the workplace”.  We should all stand together and deconstruct the harmful beliefs about body image in our society and not allow it to bleed into the business world.

Emotions, feelings, intelligence, quirky aspects to personality and all of this comes into play when you promote yourself and be visible.   Here are some tips to help you become visible.

1) Remember that people care about what you have to say and what you can do for them, not how you look.  Think about what kind of clients you want to attract to you and what they care about then focus on that.
2) Accessories and clothes. Consider the help of people like an Image Consultants who can help you dress the part.
3) Be holistic in choosing your brand colours.
4) If makeup makes you feel prettier, then wear it. Remember to stay consistent with it.
5) When going on-camera lighting is essential. Research what’s required and implement it.
6) Focus on what you like about your body and accentuate that.
7) Practice gratitude for how your body works rather than how it looks.
8) Remember that confidence is the greatest contribution to the attraction.

I’m passionate about visibility. In this podcast, I share how I got over my visibility issues by accepting that I don’t have to be perfect.  I am so passionate about helping my clients with this and do not want this to hold them back on their passion and impact.

Join my free group on Facebook called Ange’s Fabulous Big Vision Incubator.  We are practising visibility for the whole month of July. This month, I will encourage people to come live, share selfies and all sorts of things to help them be more visible. Please join the fun here.

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