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My special guest in today’s podcast episode is Kristina Deckard. She is a business and political strategist who helps spiritual entrepreneurs speak their truth and female politicians to be confident in their strategic decisions. She believes that these are the women who are at the centre of making change in our societies.

In this episode, we explore whether we can talk about topics that we are passionate about without feeling pressurised to bite our tongues because our views differ from someone else’s.

Kristina’s experience, like so many of us, is shaped by a life-altering event which ultimately lead to her spiritual awakening. As a child, her mother played a significant role in how she became involved with politics. That and her further experiences in life plays a role in her passion today.

Her message to women is that although politics is still a topic in society that we are not supposed to talk about, we should be talking about it. She believes that when we talk about these things, there’s an energetic connection that happens.

The statistics around the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic indicate that there is a feminine and masculine energy that underlies leadership styles. Where leaders have cared more about the bigger pictures and each individual than their self-sustained interests, there have been six times fewer confirmed deaths. Where leaders have put themselves out there, communicating with adults, youth and children alike, it has made them appear more human. That has resulted in them becoming more connected with their people.

Fear is one of the reasons many women shy away from speaking their truth. It takes a significant amount of courage to speak up in today’s society. As individuals, we need to learn not to feel threatened by the opinions of others. We may not agree with what is said, but we can always choose to defend to the death their right to say it. We all have a support team, physically and spiritually, but we don’t know that its there until we reach out.

If you have a raging passion to speak your truth but feel crippled by the fear of the consequences of this choice, you can connect with Kristina to schedule a 20 minutes free consultation here to explore how she can help you. She works in the akashic records and is a psychic herself. She can show you how to get in complete alignment with your purpose and mission in a manageable way.

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