BONJOUR! MY NAME IS ange de lumiere.  I am a transformational book coach and intuitive strategist for entrepreneurs.

As a little girl, I was incredibly creative and intuitive. My mother saved my drawings into special folder and my art teachers loved me. The school system, however, put so much emphasis on the mind and the intellect that by the time I left school, my intuition was turned down. My parents convinced me to give up on my childhood dream of becoming an artist and the school counsellor funneled me into law as she saw it as a field where I could really shine. And she was right. I excelled at it for fifteen years. I started off in one of the most prestigious international law firm in Paris and travelled the world. As I spoke fluent English and Spanish, this took me to North and South America, but also Asia and Africa.

In 2004, three years after moving from Paris to the UK with my two young kids, I went to see a clairvoyant who told me I was a natural healer. She even said I had angel dust coming out of my hands. It completely freaked me out, but after the first shock, I decided that if I had a gift I had to use it so I trained as a reiki master teacher level. After leaving my corporate career in 2006,  I explored various modalities linked to psychic abilities: mediumship, channeling, animal communication, tarot and more. I worked as a tarot reader doing MBS fairs for over ten years. I was clearly making up for lost time but at one point in my journey, I became aware that I felt disconnected.

For fifteen years I had explored my intellect, then for ten years I explored my intuition, but I had not managed to harmonise both. And there was more, by then I had become an author and realised I also wanted to pursue my passion for books, both for myself and for my clients. I had to reinvent myself into this psychic healer business and book mentor. I came across the title Spiritual Lawyer. And this is a title I often use when I need to introduce myself to new people. It’s often complicated. 

My main modality will probably not mean anything to you: Business akashic records. In there, I can “download” information for your business and if writing  a book is part of your business stratgegy, your book. I can literally channel your niche, market, offers, prices as well as the timing of all this. I have done it numerous times for clients and they have left sessions feeling on course and energised. 

Yet I do more. I also teach people who don’t consider themselves psychic how to work in the akashic records. If you have ever heard of Abraham-Hicks and the Vortex, the akashic records are actually the Vortex. The place where everything is created and the best place to manifest anything you want in life, in alignement with your soul purpose. 

I am also an author. I have self published two books. I wrote my first book, the Journey of the Slim Soul,  when I was a practising clinical hypnotherapist.  My second book, My Father Who Art In Heaven,  is a memoir about my father transition back to the creator in 2014. It is an incredible story of love, magic and forgiveness which evidences that one can remain high vibe during the most trying circumstances.  I crowdfunded its publishing in 2017, then decided to withdraw it from the market whilst I consider my options (publish it traditionally or lauch my career as an indie author). If writing a book is on your dream list, I can help you write yours easily and almost effortlessly and clear any resistance to getting it out into the world. 

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.

Oprah Winfrey

I am delighted to announce that I have been shortlisted for the MPower national business award for 2019. This award has been created in 2018 by Nicola Huelin, the founder of MPower to support and acknowledge mums in the early stages of their business. 

I am one in ten of the mums in the voice category, sponsored by Stragey Social Media. This category is here to recognise mums in business who have an important message to share in the world. It acknowledges that our message and our story are our gift to the world that can often make a difference for somebody who needs to hear what we’ve got to say. 

As an author of multiple books and of a podcast, I believe I do have an important message to bring to the world that revolves around two aspects: First, the message that combining intuition to business acumen is like putting your business on steroids (it makes everything easier and smoother). Second, the message that it is important for you to birth the book you have in you both to take your business to the next level but also, to acknowledge that you have something important to say in your industry. 

Maybe you feel lost

You may be incredibly successful and wonder why you are not more happy.

Or perhaps you have followed your dreams but things are not working as well as you would like them to be.

Help is at hand. You can be very successful and still need guidance so that your life can be more fulfiling or so that you can achieve those big goals, beyond money. Make that impact. Leave that legacy. And that could be through writing a book.

Or you might need to clear some blocks that prevent your business from taking off despite you “ticking all the right boxes” because something in your personal life is holding you back. Or maybe even in a past life. Energy clearing is a big part of what I do, to enable you to do what you are truly capable of.

YOUR purpose is calling you


With Ange’s wisdom and support, I have been able to start writing my book this year. It’s both personally and professionally exciting, invigorating and eye opening. I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is only with Ange’s support that I feel I CAN do this. I cannnot recommend Ange highly enough. Isiah McKimmie | Couple therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I am experiencing thanks to Ange. I had been unable to write my book but thanks to the course and Ange’s guidance, I have now written well over 50,000 words whereas before meeting her, all I was able to write is poetry. Felicity Griffin Clark | Artist and energy healer at Counterweave Arts

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