Have you considered writing a book but have no idea where to start?

Everyone can start writing a book. Few actually finish theirs.

You are a busy entrepreneur. You want to make sure that writing a book, which is a long term project and not an immediate income generator, takes as little time as possible. I wrote and published my first non fiction book in six weeks. Ican help take the guess work out of your writing process.

It is vital to have laser clear clarity on what your book is about, its purpose and a plan before you even get started.

Writing a book takes more than lining up words on a piece of paper. It requires clarity about which book you are writing. When I wrote my first non fiction book, I thought I was supposed to write a book about spirituality but after I nearly finished the first draft, I realised that I was supposed to write an entirely different book. The book I was supposed to write had to do with holistic slimming and bringing people back to self love. It was a spiritual book but not the one I thought I was supposed to write to. I wish someone had shown me the book I was supposed to write before I was 100,000 words into my first draft. I would have saved nine months of hard work. This is what I am going to help you do with my five week online course.

The other mistake people make is not knowing who their audience is so they start writing a book that speaks to everyone and as a consequence, speaks to no one. You would not write a book the same way if you wrote to doctors or to teenage kids. Having a laser clear idea what your book is about and who your ideal reader are two of the most essential elements of your book journey. Lacking these elements is almost guaranteed to set you up for failure. Your book is a product. It has a clearly defined purpose and audience.My course Get Started with your book helps you with precisely that.


My five module self study course is the product of twenty years of experience as an author and will significantly increase your chances of finishing your book.


By the end of the course you will have:

  • clarity about your book topic and audience,
  • a detailed plan and market analysis,
  • a strong why to carry you through the writing and editing process
  • tools to deal with your fears as they arise during the writing process
  • a clear “time o’clock” that you will keep to religiously to avoid your inner saboteur from derailing you from writing your book as you hit mindset wobbles
  • a defined and supportive writing space that works for you

There is nothing quite like in on the market as it helps you tap into the energy of your book.

Course details

Get Started with your Book is an online course delivered in a Facebook group that comprises five modules that walk you through the first five golden steps of how to get started with your book, as described in my free ebook. It is a process that I took years to hone and that has given my clients some wonderful results.

Module 1: Connect to the energy of your book

Module 2: Find out your why

Module 3: Shine a light on your fears

Module 4: Find your Write O’Clock

Module 5: Your Sacred Writing Space

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I am experiencing thanks to Ange. I had been unable to write my book but thanks to the course and Ange’s guidance, I have now written well over 50,000 words whereas before meeting her, all I was able to write is poetry. Felicity Griffin Clark | Artist and energy healer at Counterweave Arts


By the end of the course you will have a clear topic for your book, a strong why, tools to overcome any fears or doubts that may crop up on the way and you will have established the foundations of your writing routine. This could be the difference between trying to write a book and finishing your book. You will get the weekly support to answer any of your questions and doubts about the writing process. And you will feel a level of confidence that most aspiring authors do not have.

This will set you at a 70% chance higher chance of success than most aspiring authors. In my eyes, this is essential.

Thank you Ange for running your course. It is unique and a breath of fresh air! It is challenging my fears and helping me push through to gain clarity to start writing my book. If I had started before this course, I would have been writing from the wrong place energetially. Your guidance is truly precious, Ange. Thank you for showing a different way. Ali Williams-Hogson | Writer at Raw and Completely Beautiful

What you get

Access to a private community in Facebook. The course is structured as units with videos and worksheets for each of the five modules. Each module leads to the next so it is best to do them in the right order.

Each module comes with a PDF. You have immediate access to the group where you can ask me questions. There is a meditation mp3 that you can download and keep to connect to the energy of your book.

There are dedicated posts where you can ask your questions for each modules.


As part of your course , you will receive the following bonuses:

  • The audios of all the lessons and Q&As available to download for life
  • My meditation to connect to the energy of your book.
  • A half hour one to one session with me normally charged £120.

The course is the culmination of twenty years of experience as an author, years of practising as a book coach and a decade of work as a healer and energy worker.