Do you want be at peace with your father?

Whether we are in touch with our fathers or not, our relationship with our fathers impact our lives in incredibly vast ways including in our financial prosperity. Until we resolve them, we can be in a cycle of hardship and feel like life is a never ending obstacle course. We are also likely to be in relationships that do not fulfill us. I wrote my memoir about my father to help people understand how this affects our lives and give them practical suggestions to heal their relationships with their father for their own benefit. Or at least hint that it is possible even after they die. 

Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful practice but it can only come after deep healing work is done. It is not about forgetting what happened but about healing the deep wounds that we carry so that one day we wake up and we no longer feel the pain. Also, it is not about the person who hurt us but a gift to ourselves. We don’t even have to let the other person know that we have forgiven them. In fact, it is probably best if we don’t.



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My Father Who Art In Heaven is not an ordinary memoir

I wrote My Father Who Art in Heaven after my father’s death in 2014. He was diagnosed with a non cancerous brain tumour in 2008. In the summer of 2013 after years of treatment, he was given a clean bill of health and told to go home and enjoy the summer with his wife. When he went for his check up in September, the tumour was back with a vengeance. As it was inoperable, it was only a matter of time before he would die, but only after he slowly turned into a vegetable. 

My memoir starts in November 2013, as I sat in the plane to go visit him in Paris for the first time in months. It is structured in three parts (thank you Shakespeare):

  1. Your father is going to die
  2. Your father is dead
  3. Your father is not dead

My Father Who Art in Heaven is not a morbid book. It is a story of love, magic and forgiveness. The main idea underlying the book is that it is never too late to make peace with your father. 

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It rests on a philosophy that everything is energy and there is no death

I was able to write it thanks to ten years of therapy on myself followed by over fifteen years of self development and training as a reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, emotional freedom technique therapist and a psychic. I am thrilled to have been able to evidence that these tools can be used effectively to deal with life as it comes, with no spiritual bypassing. 

What a reader has said about it

“I have been reading My Father who Art In Heaven and I cannot get enough! Last night I struggled to put it down to go to sleep it is so captivating. It is the perfect mix of raw and feel emotion and experience along with a fantastically real and informative magical side I feel is missing from alot of literature. A definite must read!” – Sara Selene

“Ange has a way with words that as her story unfolds it captivates the reader who then becomes entangled in the emotions, the story and engages all who read her beautiful story. This personal story about the relationship of a father and a daughter until the end of life is a must read for everyone.” – Joy Fairhall, Grief coach

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