Are you afraid of death?

Most people are. And you might think that because I work with the spirit world, that I am not. And maybe it helps, but when my own father was traveling back to the creator, I had no idea if my beliefs would hold water. I had witnessed so many mediums actually losing their s***%^t when death came near them. I approached this journey as an adventure with an open heart and no expectations. 

My father actually came to visit me a few days after the Christmas holidays to let me know that his days were counted. As I lived in another country, this was invaluable to make the difficult decision to visit, especially as my mother was in denial and kept on discouraging me from visiting. How could he visit me when he was still alive? He did that in his dream time. He napped a lot in the last days of his life. 

From the moment I knew we were on the last run, I tuned into my intuition more and more. For the first time in his life, my father welcomed my psychic gifts because I was the only one who knew what he wanted. He had made no care plan and had not expressed any wishes because he refused to talk about death. And then when his brain tumour started to affect his speech, he was no longer able to say what he wanted. But I knew. 

The other extraordinary thing that happened is that my intuition showed me exactly what to do to help his transition in terms of energy. I did a ritual on his hospital bed a week before he died that enabled him to exit his body smootly and easily. He even said to me, through a medium a couple of months ago (at the time of writing this page – Feb 2020) that from that moment, it was like a guardian angel was above him and guiding him into the light. He lost his fear of death and thanked me for being a big part in this. 

In my memoir about my father, I explore this subject in depth and share the tools that have helped me come to peace with my father and his death.


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My Father Who Art In Heaven is not an ordinary memoir

I wrote My Father Who Art in Heaven after my father’s death in 2014. He was diagnosed with a non cancerous brain tumour in 2008. In the summer of 2013 after years of treatment, he was given a clean bill of health and told to go home and enjoy the summer with his wife. When he went for his check up in September, the tumour was back with a vengeance. As it was inoperable, it was only a matter of time before he would die, but only after he slowly turned into a vegetable.

My memoir starts in November 2013, as I sat in the plane to go visit him in Paris for the first time in months. It is structured in three parts (thank you Shakespeare):

  1. Your father is going to die
  2. Your father is dead
  3. Your father never died

My Father Who Art in Heaven is not a morbid book. It is a story of love, magic and forgiveness. The main idea underlying the book is that it is never too late to make peace with your father.

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What people say after reading the first three chapters

“I have been reading My Father who Art In Heaven and I cannot get enough! Last night I struggled to put it down to go to sleep it is so captivating. It is the perfect mix of raw and feel emotion and experience along with a fantastically real and informative magical side I feel is missing from alot of literature. A definite must read!” – Sara Selene

“Ange has a way with words that as her story unfolds it captivates the reader who then becomes entangled in the emotions, the story and engages all who read her beautiful story. This personal story about the relationship of a father and a daughter until the end of life is a must read for everyone.” – Joy Fairhall, Grief coach

“The two aspects that I appreciated the most about Ange’s memoir are first, the confirmation of what the dying process is like, which is something that I was keen to read about due to my Western conditioning around fear, and second an honest account of what it can be like to open your intuitive gifts when you are not clairvoyant or clairaudient.

It was also really interesting to see how you were guided all along but only realised that you were sometimes months after the events. This is very comforting as it evidences that the spirit world is always helping behind the scenes. There are no coincidences.

The biggest take away was the idea that everything is unfolding perfectly and that we need to trust the intelligence of the Universe.  The most surprising aspect, even though it was a confirmation, was how your Dad contacted you psychically long before he died. All along you keep a healthy skepticism about it all which makes it more credible.” Stephanie Kakris, Law of Attraction and Manifesting Mentor

As Chantal is going through a similar journey to mine with her mother who is going through dementia, she has appreciated the moral support that my memoir has given her and the confirmation that she is not making everything up. It has helped her see that approaching this journey with her mother is about being there for her in the way that her mother needs rather than in the way she wants things to unfold.

This has turned this journey into a beautiful opportunity to be in the present moment. Chantal, like me, is grateful that she has tools such as meditation and journaling to help her through the roller coaster of emotions that this is taking her on and urges us to learn these techniques NOW before the crisis hits, so that we are equipped to navigate these difficult times with grace. Chantal Vanderhaeghen is a mindfulness and intuitive coach. You can find her on Facebook at Unfold your Freedom.

Naomi Sturrock-Whitehead was drawn to my memoir because of its title and the fact that her father was in heaven and she felt she still had unresolved issues with him.

Naomi and I discussed how she committed to do work on herself so that her children would not suffer abuse at her hands but in her words, she abused herself and wondered if this was really better for her kids. Like me, Naomi has had a strained relationship with her mother and my memoir has also invited her to deepen her capacity with her mother too. In this interview, Naomi and I talked about forgiveness, growth, karma, what we choose before we incarnate on this earth plane and much more. You can find Naomi on Facebook here and sign up for her newsletter here and receive a free fifteen minute tarot reading.

Joy Fairhall was one of the early adopters of my memoir during my crowdfunding campaign in 2016. Joy is a grief expert, who has herself experienced the loss of her husband when her children were young. 

Her take on my memoir is particularly interesting due to her wealth of expertise on the subject. She often lends her copy of my memoir to her clients whom she feels will be open to what I have to say about life after death. 

 In this interview, we discuss what we can do when facing loss and grief to pull us through the dark tunnel of our emotions. You can find Joy on her Facebook page Mind Body Joy

My memoir rests on the philosophy that everything is energy and there is no death

I was able to write it thanks to ten years of therapy on myself followed by over fifteen years of self development and training as a reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, emotional freedom technique therapist and a psychic. I am thrilled to have been able to evidence that these tools can be used effectively to deal with life as it comes, with no spiritual bypassing.

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