Being on purpose means everything becomes easy and effortless.

It takes the guess work out of the equation. It helps you to feel motivated, on course and fired up.

It means waking up every morning with a sense of purpose.

It means not counting the hours in a day.

You will still have to put the work in, but it won’t feel like work. Does that sound good?

The shift can happen in only one session. It will feel so good, however, that you might want to treat yourself to a package. In  this case, I will teach you everything I have learnt about energy, intentions, the law of attracation, healing and intuition as part of the package. I will not hold back. At the same time, what I teach you will be different from my other VIPs because I tailor my package to my VIP’s needs. This is really what VIP packages are about, isn’t it?

Either way, I would love to work with you if you are ready to fully show up in every aspect of your life.

Here are the three ways I can work with you.


1:1 Sessions

One off sessions are an investment of £167 (approximately AUD300 and USD210). Scroll down for more information and the booking link.

VIP Packages

I have several VIP packages starting at £567. My most popular package is a three months package at £1,370 for eight sessions. Discounts also apply if you paid four sessions in advance.


On my thinkific platform I offer several evergreen courses: how to get started with your book, how to manifest your dreams, and several meditations. Click here to enter my shop.

1:1 Session

In one hour, I can help you reach a level of clarity about your business or your book that will increase significantly your chances of success, whether success to you means more money, more recognition, more ease or more satisfaction. I can show you the bigger picture of your business but also your life. I do this by reading your Akashic Records. If you want to learn about Business Akashic Records, I suggest you watch this you tube video on my You Tube channel.

I can also, depending on your own wishes, teach you how to do healing on yourself, how to hone your intuitio or how to connect to business guides and more.

I can teach you how to manage your energy so that you never feel exhausted again. And how to manage what I call energy vampires to ensure that they don’t feed on your energy.

A one hour 1:1 session is an investment of £167. By paying for this session, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

Not sure if my work is for you? I do not offer free exploratory session but...


By paying for this session, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

VIP Packages

Although I know a one off session with me can be life changing and inspiring, clients often need more than one session to help them implement the guidance that has been given to them during their Business Akashic Records reading. Clients who books packages reap much longer lasting benefits because they are guided in the implementation of the guidance, which is where the rubber hits the road.

I offer packages starting at £567 for four sessions, if paid in advance.

The investment for my three month VIP package is £1,370. Click below to book a 15 minute call to discuss my packages and determine which one is best for you.

Do you have questions about my packages?


By booking this session, you accept my terms and conditions of services.

My Thinkific Shop

In the course of the past two years, I have run several courses in private Facebook groups that are now available to purchase on Thinkific as self study courses.

My most popular one Get Started with Your Book comes with a free half hour one to one session. It is priced at £199 and you can purchase it by clicking on the link below (which will take you to my thinkific page).

I also have a manifesting for authors course (which can be used in all areas of manifesting, not just books) and is an investment of £100 (please note that Thinkific charges prices in US dollars so the price you will pay depends on the exchange rate with your own currency) which is at the time of writing this page about USD132.

Another popular course is my How to manifest the time to write your book. Again this programme can be used to manifest time for anything you want, not just writing, that requires consistency. However, it was run for my community of aspiring authors so the course is largely geared towards authors. The investment is USD132.

Last but not least, I have a meditation box set for authors available for USD70, which contains five meditations. There is nothing like it on the market. I have draw upon my ten years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and twenty years as an author to create the perfect meditations to get that book done.

By purchasing my products on thinkific, you accept my terms and conditions of service.

I am thankful for the enormous life changing shift I have experienced thanks to working with Ange. Your worksheets are so helpful. And the meditation has really crystalised things for me.

Felicity Griffin Clark

Artist, Counterweave Arts

So much gratitude to the very beautiful Ange de Lumiere. With Ange’s wisdom and support, I’ve been able to start my book. And my business is thriving as I am making this a priority.

Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach

I did a one to one session with Ange. It was SOOOO fantastic. Genuinely magic. I love it when you encounter someone who downloads “you”. If you need creative alchemy, work with her.

Dominique Oyston

Personal confidence and vocal empowerment coach